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Bram Stoker

BRAM STOKER (1847-1912) was an Irish writer and journalist who was educated at Trinity College Dublin, where one of his acquaintances was Oscar Wilde. On graduation he began writing theatre reviews, which led to his meeting the great English actor Henry Irving. When Stoker and his wife moved to London, Irving hired him as business manager for his Lyceum theatre company, a post that Stoker held for almost thirty years. Shortly after Irving’s death, Stoker published a two-volume biography entitled Personal Reminiscences of Henry Irving (1906).

While Stoker’s literary output includes many short stories, a dozen novels, and non-fiction books and articles, all his writings are dwarfed by the fame of Dracula. In it he created an indelible story and range of characters that solidified preceding vampire myths that seem sketchy by comparison. While some vampire fiction predates Stoker’s novel by almost a century, his Dracula is the version that remains the most influential in western culture.

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What if your darkest fear was your deepest desire? Sexy, funny and scary, Bram Stoker’s Gothic classic will leave your senses on fire. Tighten your corsets …

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