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Kevin Bennett

SHAW 2017: Director for The Madness of George III.
ELSEWHERE (Selected Credits): associate director, The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare’s Globe; director, Troilus and Cressida, Fallout, Treasure Island, Studio 58; Measure for Measure, Pacific Theatre; King Lear, Hamlet, Honest Fishmongers; Macbeth, Little Mountain Studios; Bassett, Dido Queen of Carthage, The Loudest Silence, 7 Stories, Dream Big Productions/Templeton Secondary; Private Lives, The Priory, United Players; assistant director, Disgraced, Arts Club; King John, The Three Musketeers, Stratford; Richard III, Much Ado About Nothing, Bard on the Beach; NiX, Only Animal/Cultural Olympiad.
AWARDS: Bluma Appel award, Shakespeare’s Globe Canada; Jean Gascon directing award, Stratford Festival.
TRAINING: Studio 58; Michael Langham Workshop for Classical Direction, Stratford Festival.
UPCOMING: director, King Charles III, Arts Club.

Kevin directs ...
Henry V thumbnail
Henry V

Shakespeare like you’ve never seen it:
plunged into the trenches of WWI.

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