Philip Akin - Shaw Festival Theatre

Philip Akin

SHAW 2017: Director for 1837: The Farmers’ Revolt.
FOR THE SHAW (Selected Credits): directed “Master Harold”…and the Boys, The Mountaintop, Topdog/Underdog.
ELSEWHERE (Selected Credits): Artistic Director, Obsidian Theatre Company; directed Stew’s Passing Strange, Obsidian/Acting Up Stage; Lisa Codrington’s Up the Garden Path, Meghan Swaby’s Venus’ Daughter, Obsidian; Sean Dixon’s Wilberforce Hotel, Blyth Festival; Beth Graham’s The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble, Obsidian/Factory Theatre.
AWARDS: William Kilbourn award for the Celebration of Toronto’s Cultural Life; C.A.E.A. Lifetime Membership award for outstanding contributions to the performing arts; PGC Women’s Caucus Bra d’Or award for supporting and promoting the work of Canadian women playwrights; Mallory Gilbert Leadership award; T.A.P.A. Silver Ticket award for outstanding contribution to the arts.

Philip directs ...
Of Marriage and Men thumbnail
Of Marriage and Men

What would you sacrifice for your marriage?
A knee-slapping double-bill of Bernard Shaw.

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