The Madness of George III - Shaw Festival Theatre

Tom McCamus. Photo by Christopher Wahl.
The Madness of George III
If the Head of State loses his head, what happens to the State? The funny and touching true story of King George III.
Royal George Theatre
April 11 - October 15
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Alan Bennett’s most popular play is about the real men and women behind the icons we create. King George III may have been anointed by God, but when he starts to lose control of his speech and his bodily functions, it’s clear that he’s all too human. Part political comedy, part touching love story, where better to stage the greatest crisis of George III’s reign than in our very own Royal George Theatre?

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Technical Credits
By Alan Bennett
Director Kevin Bennett
Set design Ken MacDonald
Costume design Christopher Gauthier
Lighting design Kimberly Purtell
Music director and sound designer Joseph Tritt
Movement direction Alexis Milligan
Approximate run time
2 hours and 30 minutes
including intermission
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