Individual Giving

Share Your Passion for Great Theatre

Be a Member! Membership and Governors Council is our way or recognizing our amazing group of donors dedicated to maintaining The Shaw’s long tradition of commitment to theatrical excellence.

If you believe, as we do that theatre has a role to play in bringing to light and
life great ideas and universal truths, that there is merit in creating a company
of the finest artists, that it’s important to share with others the many joys of some of the greatest writing of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, then we have a role for you to play at The Shaw.

Attend a Shaw Festival event in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Costumes and Props Warehouse Tours

August 15, 22 I September 12 I October 3
Supporting Members and above ($200+)
Business Members ($1,500+)

Our props and wardrobe experts will tour you through racks and stacks of awe-inspiring Shaw theatre memorabilia including everything from overcoats to petticoats – and even the kitchen sink. Discover something to surprise and delight you around every corner. Complimentary. Book in advance.

Members Dress Rehearsal

Sustaining Members and above ($600+)
Business Members ($1,500+)

Join cast, crew and creative teams at the dress rehearsal of The Philadelphia Story on May 14 at 8pm and see the inner workings of the final rehearsal performance before the show opens to the public. Complimentary.

Post-show Members Receptions

Wednesdays and Thursdays, starting in June, all Members and Governors Council attending selected matinee performances at the Festival Theatre are invited to a post-show chat with members of the cast and/or creative teams. Complimentary.


Members have the advantage of access to Shaw artists through special exclusive Members events. Sessions start at 11am, unless otherwise noted. Complimentary. Limited availability, please book in advance.

Meet the Actors

May 23 – Ric Reid, Kiera Sangster and Edmund Stapleton
August 9 – Norman Browning, Kristi Frank and Claire Jullien
September 27 – Donna Belleville, Juan Chioran and Stephen Jackman-Torkoff

The Shaw acting Ensemble is of a kind you rarely see. Meet a panel of actors who rise up and meet the unique demands of acting in a repertory theatre company.

The Changeover

Following select matinee performances:
June 21 I August 23
at the Festival Theatre
June 27 I August 29 at the Royal George Theatre
July 19 I August 1 at the Court House Theatre

As soon as the curtain comes down on a performance, the stage is abuzz with behind-the-scenes activity. Come meet the crew responsible for “the changeover” at three of our four theatres. It will change your understanding of the inner workings of repertory theatre.

Dream Teams

May 31 – The Sea Dream Team, including director Eda Holmes, costume designer Michael Gianfrancesco and set designer Camellia Koo

June 5 – Cabaret Dream Team, including director Peter Hinton, costume designer Judith Bowden and lighting designer Bonnie Beecher

Theatre is a collaborative art. Each production on the Shaw stages is built from scratch, by assembling a team of the best directors and designers from across North America and beyond. Meet some of the members of this season’s creative teams for a lively discussion about their creative collaboration.

Manners of the Mandate

July 10 I October 4

Take a crash course in Victorian propriety with Ensemble members Guy Bannerman and Sharry Flett. Experience how actors learn to wear period dress, handle accessories and follow the rules for living in the world of a period play.