Shaw Festival 2017 - page 12

July 16 – October 14
An Octoroon
By Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Directed by Peter Hinton
Edgy Comedy.
When Dion Boucicault wrote
The Octoroon
in 1859,
it was considered a masterpiece. Its story of a plantation owner
falling for a woman of mixed race was taken as a bold plea for
racial tolerance; now, it just seems embarrassingly racist.
So why has America’s hottest young black playwright decided
to rescue such a play from obscurity? Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’
radical response compares attitudes to race then and now in
the funniest and least comfortable theatre experience in years.
Strong language. Mature content.
Grade 12+
André Sills
Production Sponsor
James F. Brown
Winner of the 2014 Obie Award
for Best New American Play
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