Shaw Festival 2020 Boards - Shaw Festival Theatre

Shaw Festival 2020 Boards
Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is invested with fiduciary oversight to support and further the mission and longevity of the Shaw Festival.


Peter E.S. Jewett, Chair
Ian M.H. Joseph, Vice Chair, Chair Designate
Timothy R. Price, Vice Chair
Kevin J. Patterson, Treasurer
Colleen Johnston, Secretary
Tim Carroll, Artistic Director (ex officio)
Tim Jennings, Executive Director (ex officio)

Philip Akin
Charles E. Balbach
Glen Bandiera, MD
Sheila Brown
Elizabeth S. Dipchand
Vivien Dzau
Lyle Hall
Thomas R. Hyde
Tim Johnson
Sharon Levite
Eugene J. Lundrigan
Corinne Foster Rice
Robin Ridesic
Nicole R. Tzetzo
Jaime Watt

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