Board of Governors - Shaw Festival Theatre

Andrew Broderick backstage
Board of Governors

Peter E.S. Jewett, Chair
Shauneen E. Bruder, Vice Chair
Kenneth P. Friedman, Secretary
Kristian O. Knibutat, Treasurer

Charles E. Balbach
Alberta G. Cefis
Pat Darte Lord Mayor, Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake
Lyle Hall
Colleen Johnston
Ian M.H. Joseph, CFA
Laurence A. Levite
Marylee O’Neill
Kevin J. Patterson
Timothy R. Price
Julian Rance President, Shaw Guild
Robin Ridesic
Jaime Watt

Shaw Festival Theatre Endowment Foundation

Anthony R. Graham, Chair
Lorne R. Barclay, Vice Chair
William J. Saunderson, Chair, Investment Committee
Tim Jennings, Secretary
Roy Reeves, Treasurer
Richard D. Falconer
Thomas R. Hyde
Peter E. Nesbitt
Bruce Winter

Shaw Festival Foundation (USA)

James M. Wadsworth, President
Victor A. Rice, Vice President
George F. Phillips, Jr., Vice President
Thomas R. Hyde, Secretary & Treasurer
Ronald H. Luczak

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