The Shaw Festival is committed to making everyone’s visit to the theatre enjoyable, memorable and accessible. To that effect, we offer the following services:

Special Access

Festival Theatre

The Festival Theatre Orchestra seating is at street level. If you have mobility issues, wheelchair accessible seating is available at the back of the house and note there is a long flight of stairs leading to the front of the Orchestra section. The Balcony section is up three flights of stairs (a total of 40 steps) with NO ELEVATOR ACCESS. Once inside the balcony there a few stairs down to your seat. Wheelchair-accessible washrooms are available at the Festival Theatre.

First time visiting? View the Festival Theatre.

Royal George Theatre

If you have mobility issues, the Royal George Theatre features special access seating available upon request. The Royal George Orchestra level seating is four steps above street level. There is also a flight of stairs (14 steps) up to the balcony and another small flight of stairs to your seats. Access to the basement bar and lounge can only be reached by going down 17 steps (NO ELEVATOR ACCESS). New at the Royal George: an automatic wheelchair lift located near the front entrance doors. Ask staff for assistance to use the lift. Wheelchair-accessible washrooms are behind the retail store next door to the Royal George Theatre, accessible only from outside the shop.

First time visiting? View the Royal George Theatre.

Court House Theatre

Please be advised that the Court House Theatre does NOT have special access seating. If you have mobility issues, note that from the theatre entrance there is a long flight of stairs (26 steps) to access the upper lobby. The Court House Theatre has an elevator up to the auditorium entrance; however, there is another small set of steps to enter the theatre and then inside there is a series of stairs leading to all seats.
There are NO wheelchair-accessible washrooms available at this theatre.

First time visiting? View the Court House Theatre.

Studio Theatre

The Studio Theatre has special access seating and wheelchair-accessible washrooms are available. If you have mobility issues, please be aware that inside the Studio Theatre there is a flight of stairs (16 steps) to reach the Gallery seating level.

First time visiting? View the Studio Theatre.

When booking tickets, let Box Office know if we can offer any assistance during your visit and please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the performance.

An ASL-interpreted matinee performance of Alice in Wonderland will be given at the Festival Theatre on June 12 at 2pm.

ASL interpreters are located at the front right-hand side of the stage. Seats in the immediate vicinity are held specifically for the use of patrons interested in ASL interpretation. To access the best seats available for this service please e-mail our box-office your ticket request at

ASL interpretation is provided by Right This Way Access Consulting who have been working with The Shaw to provide this service for over 15 years.


Assistive Listening Devices

Reserve when you book your tickets! $2 fee (tax included). If you are a member of the Canadian or American Hard of Hearing Association and wish to have the fee waived, please indicate at time of booking and present your card when you pick up your device.

All Shaw Festival theatres are equipped with Sennheiser Infrared Assistive Listening Systems.

Types of Assistive Listening Receivers available:

  • Pendant style receivers – worn hanging from the neck and used in conjunction with an Induction neck loop. It transmits the audio signal from the receiver to hearing aids equipped with a T-switch or Induction coils.

Accessible Niagara

For more information about accessibility throughout the Niagara Region, visit