Students are some of our most enthusiastic audience members and we want to ensure their visit is memorable. To that end, please take the time to review these theatre etiquette tips with your students:

  • Stash your coats and backpacks at Coat Check on your way into the theatre.
  • Be nice to the ushers; they may be famous one day. And besides, it’s good karma!
  • Text or talk to your friends pre-show or during intermission – not during the show.
  • Impress everyone around you before the show by reading the house programme and saying loudly “So good to see Nicole Underhay back at The Shaw”.
  • We invite you to take photos when the house lights are on – pre-show, at intermission and post-show – please share your experience using #shawfestival
  • During the performance, out of respect and for the safety of our performers, there is no photography permitted and we ask that you turn off your cell phones.
  • Laugh, cry, sigh – but don’t talk. You hear the actors and they hear you.
  • Actors get hungry too – they will hear if you’re eating, unwrapping candy, or sharing gum. Wait until intermission or after the show to unwrap candy and merchandise.
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Tips for Teachers

  • Arrive at least 20 minutes early.
  • Assign one chaperone for every fifteen students.
  • Remind students to use washrooms before the show and during intermission.

We want to extend our most sincere thanks to all teachers who bring their students to the Shaw Festival, and for supporting theatre and arts education!