Spring Teachers Day
Friday May 6

Join us for an exciting and engaging day of inspiring workshops, delicious food, and (of course), wine. PLUS – option for you and a guest to attend 8pm Uncle Vanya for only $30/ticket.
For ALL English, Drama, Music, Dance, Phys-Ed, and Special Education teachers
$110 (+HST)
$140 with theatre ticket (+HST)

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PLAYWRIGHTING | DISCOVERING IDENTITY: Helping students find their voice as a writer

“Do you know what a playwright is? A playwright is someone who lets his guts hang out on the stage.” (Edward Albee, playwright). But just how do you get students to write?! This workshop introduces the technical elements of playwriting and scene construction. Participants will learn how to guide students to identify clear scene elements, and distinguish the character voice from that of the playwright. Workshop Leader: Rob Kempson, Playwright, Director Secondary Expectations

“GO ASK ALICE” – ALICE IN WONDERLAND and Literacy connections

Join us as we fall down the rabbit hole into the wacky, wild world of Wonderland and explore curriculum connections to Literacy. This participatory workshop will provide participants with fun and engaging activities and techniques that tie directly to concepts and themes within Alice in Wonderland. A perfect way to celebrate the 150th anniversary of this classic tale. Appropriate for teachers of all grade levels! Workshop Leader: Debra McLauchlan, Professor, Brock University Elementary Expectations I Secondary Expectations

INTRO TO “VIEWPOINTS” – Moving the body naturally and dynamically

Do you have challenges getting your students to move? Struggling to help them be less self-conscious and lethargic on their feet? Working with a professional choreographer, experience how elements of “Viewpoints” and “Active Listening” lead students to move through the space with each other and create authentically as one. Explore the elemental properties of movement, allowing you to get creative with your students, so they end up inventing on their own. A fun, up-on-your-feet, eye-opening experience you don’t want to miss! Workshop Leader: Jane Johanson, Shaw Choreographer, Teacher, Performer
Elementary Expectations I Secondary Expectations

ACTING THROUGH SONG – Developing characters for musical theatre

In the Musical Theatre genre, there is more to singing than perfect pitch. There is also acting. Through this fun, interactive session, teachers will learn how to guide students to ‘act’ a song by exploring objectives, obstacles, and tactics. Experience how melodies, accompaniment, and lyrics inform choices as an actor. It’s all about bringing yourself to the work and finding honesty in the material! Workshop Leader: Doug Price, Music Director, Teacher, Performer Elementary Expectations I Secondary Expectations


Fall Teachers Day – October 14

SET DESIGN: BUILDING A MAQUETTE (SCALE MODEL) Experience the process of Set Design – from analyzing text, to creating a set design, culminating in the building of a maquette.