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Ben Sanders

SHAW 2017: Saint Joan and Dracula; 8th season.
FOR THE SHAW (Selected Credits): The Adventures of the Black Girl, Alice in Wonderland, The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide, The Divine, The Sea, Cabaret, Major Barbara, Our Betters, French Without Tears, Misalliance, The Admirable Crichton, On the Rocks, Serious Money, An Ideal Husband.
ELSEWHERE (Selected Credits): The Lion in Winter, Dry Streak, A Christmas Carol, Playwrights Cabaret, Grand Theatre; Agency, Yell Rebel Theatre; Objections to Sex and Violence, Tim Buck 2, Praxis Theatre; Red, Theatre Kingston; Fear and Misery of the Third Reich, Deus XM; Guns and Roses, Original Norwegian; Takin’ Pride, Native Earth Performing Arts.
TRAINING: BFA, Ryerson University.

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Saint Joan

Who was Joan of Arc? The saviour of France … or a deluded country girl? Bernard Shaw’s greatest play about the most remarkable teenage girl in history.

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What if your darkest fear was your deepest desire? Sexy, funny and scary, Bram Stoker’s Gothic classic will leave your senses on fire. Tighten your corsets …

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