Meet the child actors in Gypsy - Shaw Festival Theatre

Meet the child actors in Gypsy

Sarah Arsenault (Balloon Girl) is eleven years old. She enjoys Acro, jazz dancing, singing and acting. Her favourite place to be is on-stage, and she loves everything to do with the theatre.

Juliana Barry (Swing) is twelve years old and entering grade seven. She’s danced competitively for many years, and enjoyed roles in various Niagara musicals. Juliana is thrilled to be in her first Shaw Festival production.

Alex Robert Bergshoeff (Swing) is eleven years old. He loves singing, dancing and acting. He has been in several plays, often as the lead, and is also an avid tennis player.

Tivon Malik Charles (Rich Son / Newsboy) is thirteen years old. He loves acting, producing music, gaming and time with his family. Tivon aspires to be on the big screen. He’s honoured to be in this production.

Evan Lewis Dolinski (Clarence / Newsboy) is twelve years old and loves singing, acting, guitar, ukulele, dancing, karate and hockey. He’s been in four Disney productions, Radioactive Spider (Toronto), Falsettos, and aspires to be on Broadway.

Anissa Mackie (Baby June) is in grade four. She’s a competitive tap/jazz dancer, and has performed with Ballet Jörgen and Niagara Ballet. This is her first season at Shaw. She aspires to be an orthodontist and a Broadway performer.

Shakeela Vahdat (Baby Louise) is twelve years old and in grade seven. She has been in multiple plays since junior kindergarten. Besides acting, her passions include playing sports, music, dancing and singing.

William Wagner (Urchin / Newsboy) is twelve years old. He loves theatre, especially musical theatre, and plans to continue performing. He appeared in The Shaw’s 2019 Christmas production of Holiday Inn.

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