Stephen Fry - Shaw Festival Theatre

Stephen Fry
Playwright / Ensemble

SHAW 2018: Mythos; 1st season.
(Selected Credits) ELSEWHERE: extensive film and television credits, including Roland (recurring) in The Great Indoors, Nikolai Genidze in Veep, Dr Gordon Wyatt (recurring) in Bones, Prime Minister Alastair Davies (recurring) in 24: Live Another Day; multiple writing credits for film and television, including The Hippopotamus, Stephen Fry Live: More Fool Me, Escape from Planet Earth, Fry’s Planet Word (documentary), Stephen Fry in America (documentary); production credits include Dead in a Week: Or Your Money Back, High Life, Playhouse Presents, Little Crackers, Perspectives, Kingdom.

See Stephen and his work in ...
Mythos: A Trilogy — Gods. Heroes. Men. thumbnail
Mythos: A Trilogy — Gods. Heroes. Men.

3 plays. 1000 years of Greek mythology.
And the legendary Stephen Fry.

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