Living by the Lake – Cameron Grant - Shaw Festival Theatre

Living by the Lake – Cameron Grant

Living by the Lake is an ongoing photo journal series created by Ensemble member Andrew Broderick that looks into the lives of various Company members here at the Shaw Festival (while socially distancing, of course).

This edition features Ensemble member Cameron Grant.

Q How do you make your house a home?
A It’s a mindset for me. I move around a lot, so when I get to a new space I say “this is home.” This is where I rest my head, this is where I am safe, where I find comfort.

Q Favourite daily ritual?
A Morning coffee. There is something about a French press that makes it so much better. Followed by 30 minutes of reading.

Q It’s my first time visiting NOTL, where should I go?
A Get away from the main street and find some nature. I love walking through The Commons or following the heritage trails. This town is filled with so much natural history it is both overwhelming and settling.

Q In three words, what does the future look like to you?
A Maddening and beautiful.


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