Living by the Lake – Kyle Blair and Kyle Golemba - Shaw Festival Theatre

Living by the Lake – Kyle Blair and Kyle Golemba

Living by the Lake is an ongoing photo journal series created by Ensemble member Andrew Broderick that looks into the lives of various Company members here at the Shaw Festival (while socially distancing, of course).

This edition features Ensemble members Kyle Blair and Kyle Golemba.

Q How do you make your house a home?
A Because Shaw is such a long contract, we bring more than we normally would for an ‘away gig’. Having some of our books, plants and art brings us a lot of comfort.

Q Favourite daily ritual?
A We love taking our dog for a walk. Niagara has so many beautiful paths, especially down by the lake.

Q It’s my first time visiting NOTL, where should I go?
A Catch the sunset at Shakespeare Beach or take a stroll through the Commons.

Q In three words, what does the future look like to you?

A Truth over silence.


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