Living by the Lake – Moya O'Connell - Shaw Festival Theatre

Living by the Lake – Moya O’Connell

Living by the Lake is an ongoing photo journal series created by Ensemble member Andrew Broderick that looks into the lives of various Company members here at the Shaw Festival (while socially distancing, of course).

This edition features Ensemble member Moya O’Connell.

Q How do you make your house a home?
A Fresh flowers, books, and other people. I love having my home filled with people to feed and talk with.

Q Favourite daily ritual?
A Strong coffee, a long walk or hike and a cold plunge in a body of water. During the beginning of covid I would run down to Lake Ontario and force myself into the water. Ever cell in my body feels more alive.

Q It’s my first time visiting NOTL, where should I go?
A Shakespeare Beach at sunset. Almost every day people will gather and watch the sun go down over Lake Ontario. Often spontaneous bouts of applause erupt just as the sun sets. I love that. The sun sets every day of our lives and yet witnessing it is always a transcendent and deeply moving moment. Ah, humans. So silly and so sublime.

Q In three words, what does the future look like to you?

A Black Lives Matter.


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