The Shaw Festival believes that an investment in the arts is a valuable one, and our generous sponsors feel the same.  So much so that new initiatives have been brought into our programming for 2016, including:

Theatre for All

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Sun Life has a long history of supporting arts and culture in Canada and believes that the arts should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their financial means. In 2004 they created their own award-winning Making the Arts More Accessible™ program – the focus of their philanthropic support of the arts. The Shaw Festival is delighted to partner with Sun Life Financial to launch the reinvented Theatre for All program.

The Theatre for All program, presented by Sun Life Financial as part of their Making the Arts More Accessible™ program, allows us to work with local Niagara Region social service agencies such as the United Way and Family and Children’s Services to distribute 300 tickets each season to deserving individuals, children and their families, so they have the opportunity to experience our wonderful performances, when they may not have had an opportunity otherwise.

Stage Door

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The Stage Door Program was inspired by Scotiabank’s dedication to giving back to Canadian communities, and desire to ignite and celebrate the unique passions of their residents, particularly the youth. The Stage Door program offers 20 classrooms an opportunity to experience a Festival Theatre Tour, Workshop with a Shaw Professional, and a matinee performance of Alice in Wonderland.  With the help and generosity of Scotiabank, we hope experiencing a full day at The Shaw will ignite a passion for the Arts in these youths that will last a lifetime because, as George Bernard Shaw has said, “Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable”.