Fast Facts

2014 Total Operating Budget

$28.6 million

Our Revenue Sources

Earned revenue (ticket sales): 66%
Fundraising: 21%
Government grants: 7%
Other revenues: 6%

Attendance for the 2014 Season: 249,049

66% of our audience came from Canada
33% of our audience came from the United States
1% of our audience came from overseas

Shaw Festival Company

About 600 employees at the height of the season, including 65 actors


1690 seats in four theatres:

856 in the Festival Theatre
327 in the Court House Theatre
313 in the Royal George Theatre
194 in the Studio Theatre

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for students are $25 and Platinum seating on a summer weekend starts from $116. There are many ways of saving on ticket prices, from Super Sundays to preview tickets to $30 tickets for patrons under the age of 30. (See Ways to Save). In 2014, the average cost of a theatre ticket at The Shaw was $66.02.

Economic Impact

The Shaw Festival contributed $75.4 million locally and $106.6 million to Ontario’s economy in 2010. Shaw Festival visitors spent over $42.8 million on regional accommodations, dining, winery visits and other tourism-related experiences.