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Patty Jamieson and Kyle Blair backstage
The Ensemble
Tim Carroll
Tim Carroll is a renowned theatre and opera director with over 25 years of experience and international credentials. In 2017, his inaugural season as the Shaw Festival’s artistic director,
Mr Carroll will direct Bernard Shaw’s Saint Joan and Androcles and the Lion.
Jackie Maxwell
Jackie Maxwell
Christopher Newton
Christopher Newton
"This company is a hotbed of ideas and creativity, and I want to share that with you in every way imaginable."
– Tim Carroll
Karl Ang
 - Karl Ang
Lisa Berry
 - Lisa Berry
Wade Bogert-O’Brien
 - Wade Bogert-O’Brien
Kristopher Bowman
 - Kristopher Bowman
Fiona Byrne
 - Fiona Byrne
Benedict Campbell
 - Benedict Campbell
Ryan Cunningham
 - Ryan Cunningham
Marion Day
 - Marion Day
Diana Donnelly
 - Diana Donnelly
Patrick Galligan
 - Patrick Galligan
Rebecca Gibian*
 - Rebecca Gibian
Cameron Grant
 - Cameron Grant
Martin Happer
 - Martin Happer
Marci T. House
 - Marci T. House
Claire Jullien
 - Claire Jullien
Andrew Lawrie*
 - Andrew Lawrie
Allan Louis
 - Allan Louis
Emily Lukasik*
 - Emily Lukasik
Tom McCamus
 - Tom McCamus
Marla McLean
 - Marla McLean
Patrick McManus
 - Patrick McManus
Jeff Meadows
 - Jeff Meadows
Jim Mezon
 - Jim Mezon
Peter Millard
 - Peter Millard
Natasha Mumba*
 - Natasha Mumba
Moya O’Connell
 - Moya O’Connell
Sarena Parmar
 - Sarena Parmar
Gray Powell
 - Gray Powell
PJ Prudat
 - PJ Prudat
Chick Reid
 - Chick Reid
Cherissa Richards
 - Cherissa Richards
Tara Rosling
 - Tara Rosling
Ben Sanders
 - Ben Sanders
André Sills
 - André Sills
Graeme Somerville
 - Graeme Somerville
Steven Sutcliffe
 - Steven Sutcliffe
Sanjay Talwar
 - Sanjay Talwar
Jonathan Tan
 - Jonathan Tan
Sara Topham
 - Sara Topham
Kelly Wong
 - Kelly Wong
Artistic Director
Tim Carroll
 - Tim Carroll
Playwrights and Authors
Alan Bennett
 - Alan Bennett
Will Eno
 - Will Eno
Brian Friel
 - Brian Friel
Stephen Fry
 - Stephen Fry
Douglas Furber
 - Douglas Furber
Michael Healey
 - Michael Healey
Kate Hennig
 - Kate Hennig
Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
 - Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Liz Lochhead
 - Liz Lochhead
L. Arthur Rose
 - L. Arthur Rose
Rick Salutin
 - Rick Salutin
Bernard Shaw
 - Bernard Shaw
Bram Stoker
 - Bram Stoker
Oscar Wilde
 - Oscar Wilde
Philip Akin
 - Philip Akin
Molly Atkinson
 - Molly Atkinson
Christine Brubaker
 - Christine Brubaker
Tim Carroll
 - Tim Carroll
Eric Coates
 - Eric Coates
Peter Hinton
 - Peter Hinton
Eda Holmes
 - Eda Holmes
Krista Jackson
 - Krista Jackson
Kimberley Rampersad
 - Kimberley Rampersad
Meg Roe
 - Meg Roe
Music Director
Composers, Sound Designers and Music Direction
John-Luke Addison
 - John-Luke Addison
Noel Gay
 - Noel Gay
Wayne Gwillim
 - Wayne Gwillim
John Gzowski
 - John Gzowski
Alessandro Juliani
 - Alessandro Juliani
Joseph Tritt
 - Joseph Tritt
Claudio Vena
 - Claudio Vena
Choreography, Movement, Puppetry and Fight Direction
Esie Mensah
 - Esie Mensah
Alexis Milligan
 - Alexis Milligan
Mike Petersen
 - Mike Petersen
John Stead
 - John Stead
Joanna Falck
 - Joanna Falck
Set and Costume Designers
Judith Bowden
 - Judith Bowden
Rachel Forbes
 - Rachel Forbes
Gillian Gallow
 - Gillian Gallow
Christopher David Gauthier
 - Christopher David Gauthier
Michael Gianfrancesco
 - Michael Gianfrancesco
Jennifer Goodman
 - Jennifer Goodman
Camellia Koo
 - Camellia Koo
Dariuz Korbeil
 - Dariuz Korbeil
Steve Lucas
 - Steve Lucas
Dana Osborne
 - Dana Osborne
Lighting Design Director
Lighting Designers
Nick Andison
 - Nick Andison
Bonnie Beecher
 - Bonnie Beecher
Alan Brodie
 - Alan Brodie
Louise Guinand
 - Louise Guinand
Mikael Kangas
 - Mikael Kangas
Steve Lucas
 - Steve Lucas
Chris Malkowski
 - Chris Malkowski
Kimberly Purtell
 - Kimberly Purtell
Siobhán Sleath
 - Siobhán Sleath
Nic Vincent
 - Nic Vincent
Projection Designer
Cameron Davis
 - Cameron Davis
Stage Management
Sara Allison
 - Sara Allison
Beatrice Campbell
 - Beatrice Campbell
Katherine Dermott
 - Katherine Dermott
Kate Hennigar
 - Kate Hennigar
Diane Konkin
 - Diane Konkin
Susanne Lankin
 - Susanne Lankin
Meredith Macdonald
 - Meredith Macdonald
Leigh McClymont
 - Leigh McClymont
Ivory Neal
 - Ivory Neal
Alison Peddie
 - Alison Peddie
Théa Pel
 - Théa Pel
Allan Teichman
 - Allan Teichman
Slaight Family Academy Coaches
Michael Elliott
 - Michael Elliott
Carol Forte
 - Carol Forte
Jane Gooderham
 - Jane Gooderham
Victoria Heart
 - Victoria Heart
Abigail Langham
 - Abigail Langham
Sarah Shippobotham
 - Sarah Shippobotham
* Emerging Artists Program
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