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School Groups
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Let the magic of the theatre take you over in these high-energy workshops. Discover how to extend your voice, movement, acting, and characterization skills for the stage. An hour-long session with Shaw professionals. Book at 1.800.511.7429.
$5 per student

We will gladly tailor the following workshops to the production you are seeing:

  • The Actor’s Angle – delve into scene work from one of our 2017 plays
  • Accents – experience how accents can help define a character
  • Voice and Speech – voice and the spoken word through fun, practical activities
  • Stage Combat – the basics, how to do it safely, believably, and bump-free!
  • Stage Pratfalls – trips, falls, spit-takes, and more. Serious work with hilarious results!
  • Theatre Makeup – transform yourself! Learn make-up application for the stage.
  • Costume Design – using simple materials and your imagination, design a theatre costume
  • Stage Management – see the stage from the other side
Bring your school group to a Wilde Tales workshop!

Calling all students ages 6-12. We want young people not only to see Wilde Tales but to make it happen. Sign up in advance for the pre-show one-hour workshop with actors that helps create the magic on stage. Call our Box Office at 1.800.511.7429 to book. $20 per student

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