Shaw on a Budget - Shaw Festival Theatre

Benedict Campbell and Corrine Koslo backstage
Shaw on a Budget
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Ready for a thrilling Shaw getaway ... but want to make your dollar go further? No problem.
Getting Here

Work the global economy

First things first: gas prices are down, so take advantage of it.

And, if you’re travelling from the US, you’re in luck! Your US $ goes much further in Canada. Thanks to a really embarrassingly favourable exchange rate. For example, US $1 gets you $1.30 in Canada. Or, a $99 Shaw theatre ticket would cost you about US $76 (subject to change and based on daily exchange rate).

Ditch the rental car

Living in or near Toronto? No need to rent a car: hop on our luxury motor coach (free WiFi included, of course) for just $25 round-trip per person. Learn more.

You can also take the VIA Rail or the Niagara GO Bus.


New in 2017! The Shaw Express from Toronto

Now, a cheaper (and more delightful) way to get to The Shaw from Toronto: The Toronto-Niagara Shaw Express! Why rent a car when you can take a luxury motorcoach here & back for only $25? Learn more.

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