Shaw on a Budget - Shaw Festival Theatre

Shaw on a Budget
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Ready for a thrilling Shaw getaway ... but want to make your dollar go further? No problem.
Getting Here

Take the train, bus, or Shaw Express

Living in or near Toronto? No need to rent a car: hop on our luxury motor coach (free WiFi included, of course) for just $25 round-trip per person. Learn more.

You can also take the VIA Rail or the Niagara GO Bus.

Work the global economy

If you’re travelling from the US, you’re in luck! Your US $ goes much further in Canada, thanks to a really embarrassingly favourable exchange rate. For example, US $1 gets you $1.30 in Canada. Or, a $99 Shaw theatre ticket would cost you about US $76 (subject to change and based on daily exchange rate).

The Shaw Express

Looking for an affordable way to get to The Shaw from Toronto or Burlington? Hop on the Shaw Express! Luxury motorcoach roundtrip for only $25.

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