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The Ensemble
Tim Carroll
Tim Carroll is a renowned theatre and opera director with over 25 years of experience and international credentials. The 2020 Season will be his fourth season as Artistic Director at the Shaw Festival.
Jackie Maxwell
Jackie Maxwell
Christopher Newton
Christopher Newton

Paxton Whitehead
"This company is a hotbed of ideas and creativity, and I want to share that with you in every way imaginable."
– Tim Carroll
Praneet Akilla
 - Praneet Akilla
David Alan Anderson
 - David Alan Anderson
Sarah Arsenault
 - Sarah Arsenault
Damien Atkins
 - Damien Atkins
Juliana Barry
 - Juliana Barry
Nigel Bennett
 - Nigel Bennett
Alex Robert Bergshoeff
 - Alex Robert Bergshoeff
Nadine Bhabha
 - Nadine Bhabha
Kyle Blair
 - Kyle Blair
Kristopher Bowman
 - Kristopher Bowman
Fiona Byrne
 - Fiona Byrne
Tivon Malik Charles
 - Tivon Malik Charles
Julia Course
 - Julia Course
Hamed Dar
 - Hamed Dar
Evan Lewis Dolinski
 - Evan Lewis Dolinski
Jay Emmanuel
 - Jay Emmanuel
Miriam Fernandes
 - Miriam Fernandes
Katherine Gauthier
 - Katherine Gauthier
Élodie Gillett
 - Élodie Gillett
Martin Happer
 - Martin Happer
Jeff Irving
 - Jeff Irving
Harmage Singh Kalirai
 - Harmage Singh Kalirai
Darren Kuppan
 - Darren Kuppan
Andrew Lawrie
 - Andrew Lawrie
Emily Lukasik
 - Emily Lukasik
Anissa Mackie
 - Anissa Mackie
Tom McCamus
 - Tom McCamus
Peter Millard
 - Peter Millard
Goldy Notay
 - Goldy Notay
Moya O’Connell
 - Moya O’Connell
Nadeem Phillip
 - Nadeem Phillip
Gray Powell
 - Gray Powell
Chick Reid
 - Chick Reid
Navtej Sandhu
 - Navtej Sandhu
Travis Seetoo
 - Travis Seetoo
Gabriella Sundar Singh
 - Gabriella Sundar Singh
Graeme Somerville
 - Graeme Somerville
Johnathan Sousa
 - Johnathan Sousa
Sanjay Talwar
 - Sanjay Talwar
Jonathan Tan
 - Jonathan Tan
Shauna Thompson*
 - Shauna Thompson
Shakeela Vahdat
 - Shakeela Vahdat
Sukania Venugopal
 - Sukania Venugopal
William Wagner
 - William Wagner
Artistic Director
Associate Artistic Director
Kate Hennig
 - Kate Hennig
Philip Akin
 - Philip Akin
Molly Atkinson
 - Molly Atkinson
Selma Dimitrijevic
 - Selma Dimitrijevic
Craig Hall
 - Craig Hall
Eda Holmes
 - Eda Holmes
Ravi Jain
 - Ravi Jain
Jackie Maxwell
 - Jackie Maxwell
Meg Roe
 - Meg Roe
Music Director
Composers, Sound Designers and Music Direction
Patrick Bowman
 - Patrick Bowman
John Gzowski
 - John Gzowski
Alessandro Juliani
 - Alessandro Juliani
Suba Sankaran
 - Suba Sankaran
Choreography, Movement, Puppetry and Fight Direction
Julio Fuentes
 - Julio Fuentes
Esie Mensah
 - Esie Mensah
Alexis Milligan
 - Alexis Milligan
Set and Costume Designers
Judith Bowden
 - Judith Bowden
Rachel Forbes
 - Rachel Forbes
Gillian Gallow
 - Gillian Gallow
Michael Gianfrancesco
 - Michael Gianfrancesco
Camellia Koo
 - Camellia Koo
Hanne Loosen
 - Hanne Loosen
Ken MacKenzie
 - Ken MacKenzie
Lighting Design Director
Kevin Lamotte
 - Kevin Lamotte
Lighting Designers
Nick Andison
 - Nick Andison
Bonnie Beecher
 - Bonnie Beecher
Mikael Kangas
 - Mikael Kangas
Jareth Li
 - Jareth Li
Michelle Ramsay
 - Michelle Ramsay
Projections Designers
Cameron Davis
 - Cameron Davis
Hana S. Kim
 - Hana S. Kim
Production Stage Manager
Meredith Macdonald
 - Meredith Macdonald
Stage Management
Ashley Ireland
 - Ashley Ireland
Amy Jewell
 - Amy Jewell
Théa Pel
 - Théa Pel
Tamara Protic
 - Tamara Protic
Andrea Schurman
 - Andrea Schurman
Allan Teichman
 - Allan Teichman
* Emerging Artists Program
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