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Krystal Kiran and Madelyn Kriese in costume backstage for The Horse and His Boy
The Ensemble
Tim Carroll
Tim Carroll is a renowned theatre and opera director with over 25 years of experience and international credentials. The 2020 Season will be his fourth season as Artistic Director at the Shaw Festival.
Jackie Maxwell
Jackie Maxwell
Christopher Newton
Christopher Newton

Paxton Whitehead
Welcome to our 2021 Season
Kaleb Alexander
 - Kaleb Alexander
David Alan Anderson
 - David Alan Anderson
Damien Atkins
 - Damien Atkins
Neil Barclay
 - Neil Barclay
Kristopher Bowman
 - Kristopher Bowman
Fiona Byrne
 - Fiona Byrne
Jason Cadieux
 - Jason Cadieux
Julia Course
 - Julia Course
Peter Fernandes
 - Peter Fernandes
Kristi Frank
 - Kristi Frank
Patrick Galligan
 - Patrick Galligan
Katherine Gauthier
 - Katherine Gauthier
Alexis Gordon
 - Alexis Gordon
Martin Happer
 - Martin Happer
Claire Jullien
 - Claire Jullien
Andrew Lawrie
 - Andrew Lawrie
Julie Lumsden*
 - Julie Lumsden
Tom McCamus
 - Tom McCamus
Marla McLean
 - Marla McLean
Peter Millard
 - Peter Millard
Nafeesa Monroe
 - Nafeesa Monroe
Mike Nadajewski
 - Mike Nadajewski
Drew Plummer*
 - Drew Plummer
Chick Reid
 - Chick Reid
Ric Reid
 - Ric Reid
Kiera Sangster
 - Kiera Sangster
Olivia Sinclair-Brisbane*
 - Olivia Sinclair-Brisbane
Gabriella Sundar Singh
 - Gabriella Sundar Singh
Donna Soares
 - Donna Soares
Graeme Somerville
 - Graeme Somerville
Johnathan Sousa
 - Johnathan Sousa
Jonathan Tan
 - Jonathan Tan
Jacqueline Thair
 - Jacqueline Thair
Shauna Thompson*
 - Shauna Thompson
Artistic Director
Associate Artistic Director
Director of Artist Development
Playwrights and Authors
Irving Berlin
 - Irving Berlin
Alice Childress
 - Alice Childress
Charles Dickens
 - Charles Dickens
Eugene O’Neill
 - Eugene O’Neill
Brandon Thomas
 - Brandon Thomas
Virginia Woolf
 - Virginia Woolf
R Hamilton Wright
 - R Hamilton Wright
Philip Akin
 - Philip Akin
Molly Atkinson
 - Molly Atkinson
Tim Carroll
 - Tim Carroll
Craig Hall
 - Craig Hall
Kate Hennig
 - Kate Hennig
Eda Holmes
 - Eda Holmes
Kimberley Rampersad
 - Kimberley Rampersad
Assistant Directors
Brenley Charkow
 - Brenley Charkow
Rob Kempson
 - Rob Kempson
Dialect Consultant
Alicia Richardson
 - Alicia Richardson
Music Director
Paul Sportelli
 - Paul Sportelli
Composers, Sound Designers and Music Direction
Ryan deSouza
 - Ryan deSouza
John Gzowski
 - John Gzowski
Paul Sportelli
 - Paul Sportelli
Choreography, Movement, Puppetry and Fight Direction
Alexandra Montagnese
 - Alexandra Montagnese
John Stead
 - John Stead
Scenic and Costume Designers
Rachel Forbes
 - Rachel Forbes
Gillian Gallow
 - Gillian Gallow
Michael Gianfrancesco
 - Michael Gianfrancesco
Christine Lohre
 - Christine Lohre
Hanne Loosen
 - Hanne Loosen
Ken MacKenzie
 - Ken MacKenzie
Ming Wong
 - Ming Wong
Assistant Scenic and Costume Designers
Beyata Hackborn
 - Beyata Hackborn
Kara Pankiw
 - Kara Pankiw
Lighting Design Director
Kevin Lamotte
 - Kevin Lamotte
Lighting Designers
Nick Andison
 - Nick Andison
Mikael Kangas
 - Mikael Kangas
Michelle Ramsay
 - Michelle Ramsay
Assistant Lighting Designers
Nick Andison
 - Nick Andison
Jeff Pybus
 - Jeff Pybus
Projection Designers
Cameron Davis
 - Cameron Davis
Production Stage Manager
Meredith Macdonald
 - Meredith Macdonald
Stage Management
Katie Fitz-Gerald
 - Katie Fitz-Gerald
Ashley Ireland
 - Ashley Ireland
Amy Jewell
 - Amy Jewell
Diane Konkin
 - Diane Konkin
Annie McWhinnie
 - Annie McWhinnie
Théa Pel
 - Théa Pel
Allan Teichman
 - Allan Teichman
Dora Tomassi
 - Dora Tomassi
Slaight Family Academy Coaches
Van Abrahams
 - Van Abrahams
Patrick Bowman
 - Patrick Bowman
Julio Fuentes
 - Julio Fuentes
Victoria Heart
 - Victoria Heart
Jeffrey Simlett
 - Jeffrey Simlett
Eileen Smith
 - Eileen Smith
* Emerging Artists Program
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