The Ensemble - Shaw Festival Theatre

Patty Jamieson and Kyle Blair backstage
The Ensemble
Tim Carroll
Tim Carroll is a renowned theatre and opera director with over 25 years of experience and international credentials. This is his third season as Artistic Director at the Shaw Festival.
Jackie Maxwell
Jackie Maxwell
Christopher Newton
Christopher Newton

Paxton Whitehead
"This company is a hotbed of ideas and creativity, and I want to share that with you in every way imaginable."
– Tim Carroll
Artistic Director
Associate Artistic Director
Playwrights and Authors
Howard Barker
 - Howard Barker
Anna Chatterton
 - Anna Chatterton
Charles Dickens
 - Charles Dickens
Patrick Hamilton
 - Patrick Hamilton
Brian Hill
 - Brian Hill
Alan Jay Lerner
 - Alan Jay Lerner
C.S. Lewis
 - C.S. Lewis
Graham Linehan
 - Graham Linehan
Hannah Moscovitch
 - Hannah Moscovitch
Edmond Rostand
 - Edmond Rostand
Mae West
 - Mae West
Tennessee Williams
 - Tennessee Williams
Chris Abraham
 - Chris Abraham
Molly Atkinson
 - Molly Atkinson
Diana Donnelly
 - Diana Donnelly
Peter Hinton-Davis
 - Peter Hinton-Davis
Kimberley Rampersad
 - Kimberley Rampersad
Assistant Directors
Music Director
Composers, Sound Designers and Music Direction
David Atkinson
 - David Atkinson
Frederick Loewe
 - Frederick Loewe
Thomas Ryder Payne
 - Thomas Ryder Payne
Joseph Tritt
 - Joseph Tritt
Claudio Vena
 - Claudio Vena
Choreography, Movement, Puppetry and Fight Direction
Agnes DeMille
 - Agnes DeMille
Esie Mensah
 - Esie Mensah
Siobhan Richardson
 - Siobhan Richardson
Set and Costume Designers
Judith Bowden
 - Judith Bowden
Rachel Forbes
 - Rachel Forbes
Julie Fox
 - Julie Fox
Gillian Gallow
 - Gillian Gallow
Camellia Koo
 - Camellia Koo
Christine Lohre
 - Christine Lohre
Eo Sharp
 - Eo Sharp
Assistant Designers
Sim Suzer
 - Sim Suzer
Lighting Design Director
Lighting Designers
Bonnie Beecher
 - Bonnie Beecher
Kimberly Purtell
 - Kimberly Purtell
Michelle Ramsay
 - Michelle Ramsay
Assistant Lighting Designers
Nick Andison
 - Nick Andison
Chris Malkowski
 - Chris Malkowski
Jeff Pybus
 - Jeff Pybus
Production Stage Manager
Alison Peddie
 - Alison Peddie
Stage Management
Beatrice Campbell
 - Beatrice Campbell
Meghan Froebelius
 - Meghan Froebelius
Ashley Ireland
 - Ashley Ireland
Meredith Macdonald
 - Meredith Macdonald
Annie McWhinnie
 - Annie McWhinnie
Alison Peddie
 - Alison Peddie
Andrea Schurman
 - Andrea Schurman
Ken James Stewart
 - Ken James Stewart
Troy Taylor
 - Troy Taylor
Slaight Family Academy Coaches
Victoria Heart
 - Victoria Heart
Abigail Langham
 - Abigail Langham
Jeffrey Simlett
 - Jeffrey Simlett
Eilleen Smith
 - Eilleen Smith
Jennifer Toohey
 - Jennifer Toohey
* Emerging Artists Program
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